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Title: Sex in a Cadillac - Beyond HP: Where Fantasy and Reality Collide [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Title: Sex in a Cadillac [Jul. 26th, 2004|03:33 pm]


Author - Lena
Pairing - Ron/Harry
Rating - NC17
Genre - AU, PWP, smut
Warnings - AU, cross-dressing, pimp!Harry and slut!femme!Ron.
Disclaimers - I don't own Harry or Ron or anything in the HP world. JKR does (and Warner Bros, et al)
A/N - I may post more of this story, as it kind of wrote itself.
This story came from a dream I had. That's all I'm saying! ;)
As always thanks to lorien_eve for being my beta. The best ever!

Summary - Harry and Ron are trolling the city for men, but Ron's a bit of a tart and Harry has no will power.

Website: http://www.geocities.com/simpleadorationtwo/

The big red Cadillac made the left turn onto the busy street, nearly hitting a Honda Accord going the opposite direction.

"Jesus, Harry, watch where you're going!" Ron was in the back seat, as usual, wearing the tiniest of skirts, the loudest of t-shirts, along with his big brown boots that hit his leg just under the knee. He pulled open his compact and looked to make sure his makeup was just right.

Harry was driving, as usual, wearing a white, nearly translucent button-up shirt, but with not very many buttons in use, the tightest of jeans, showing everything he had to offer, and his favorite big purple hat that touched the roof of the Caddy.

Harry looked in the rearview mirror, making sure his purple eyeliner was okay, before yelling, "Shut it, Ron! When you ever learn to drive, maybe you can say something, but until then--"

"Why should I learn to drive when I have you?" Ron leaned forward and nuzzled the back of Harry's neck.

Harry moved his head and sighed, "Not now, Ron...Look! How about that one?" He pointed to a man standing on a corner with his hands in his pockets.

Ron turned to look, shrugged his shoulders, then rolled down the window. "HEY, GIRLFRIEND!!"

The guy looked shocked then turned away.

"Ron! Come on! We aren't going to find anyone if you aren't serious!!"

"Right. Serious. 'Kay..." Ron hung his head out the open window, pretending to look for a guy.

Harry looked in the rearview mirror again and all he could see was Ron's arse hanging out the back of his skirt, while the rest of him was out the window.

Harry's cock instantly bulged against his already tight jeans. "Ron..." groaned Harry.

Ron turned back into the car. "What?"

"Would you cover that?"

"What?" said Ron innocently.

"Your arse."

Ron tugged on his skirt. "Oh, sorry...not very." He grinned at Harry.

Ron moved back behind Harry's head and nibbled on the hairline just above the collar of his shirt. "Come on, Harry, we don't need anyone tonight. Park the car and get back here."

Harry's heart started to race. He really wanted to do what Ron said. Even though Harry seemed to be the dominate one, making sure they found men and taking care of the payment, Ron knew he didn't have to do much to get Harry's attention. Harry was a sucker for Ron when he was in a skirt.

Ron stopped nibbling and started licking the back of Harry's neck. He began kissing in between licks, and Harry was fearful he was going to crash the car.


Lick. Kiss.

"What, baby?" purred Ron into Harry's ear.

Kiss. Lick.

"Let me stop the car."

Ron smiled to himself. "Okay." Ron pulled away from Harry and leaned against the vinyl seats. He pulled his legs apart, lifting one leg onto the seat, so when Harry got in the back, he'd get an eyeful.

Harry found an alley to park in and as soon as he shut off the engine, he bolted from the front seat. He opened the back door and stood still for a moment, looking at Ron's beauty. He could see Ron was rock hard and waiting for him.

Harry took off his purple hat and threw it in the front seat. He crawled in the back and slammed the door behind him. He reached up under Ron's skirt and grabbed his cock, while trying to unbutton his own jeans.

"Here, Harry, let me." Ron reached forward and started slowly unbuttoning Harry's jeans. Ron placed his legs around Harry, so that the skirt hitched up and Harry could see even more.

Harry's cock sprang out and Ron pushed the jeans down over his hips. Harry, still gripping Ron's cock, leaned forward and kissed Ron. He could taste the flavored lipstick and shoved his tongue into Ron's mouth. He found what he was looking for and curled his own tongue around, pushing against Ron's lips, wanting him so bad.

Ron leaned back to lay flat on the seat, letting Harry put his full weight on him. Ron loved the feel of Harry's tongue coiled around his own, but wanted the feel of Harry's cock deep inside him.

Ron raised his hips, spreading his legs further, feeling Harry's cock against his. Harry still held tightly onto Ron's cock and began moving up and down the shaft. With his other hand, he helped Ron lift his hips further and placed a finger against his entrance.

"I love you," breathed Harry into Ron's mouth. Harry pushed his finger inside and pulled his mouth away from Ron's, wanting to watch him writhe and nearly come, before they had even really started.

Harry let go of Ron's leaking cock and Ron moaned in disappointment.

Harry guided his own cock towards Ron and pushed up against his opening. Ron panted and squirmed.

"Harry, please...please..."

Harry pushed himself slowly but deeply into Ron. Harry leaned his head back in ecstasy. He loved the feel of Ron. So tight and wet. Every single time.

Ron spread his legs even further, as much as he possibly could, letting Harry have all of him. He squealed in delight, feeling Harry inside him, filling him up with a thick, hot cock that made his groin pulse.

Ron grabbed his cock and began stroking himself as Harry started to rock back and forth, faster and faster, going in deeper and deeper until Ron wasn't sure where he stopped and Harry began.

Harry moaned over and over again, knowing that soon he was going to come. Come so deep inside of Ron and fill him up with his juice until he felt sure it would spill over.

Ron kept the rhythm of Harry's moans and thrusts to the rhythm of his own strokes and cries. He knew he couldn't last much longer, but wanted to, wanted to come with Harry, at the same time as Harry.

"I'm...there...I'm gonna..." With a burst of insanity, Harry pounded away at Ron, feeling his balls slap against Ron's skin. Harry felt the soft curls and sticky skin above his cock being assaulted as Ron's hand moved furiously over his own rod. Harry pounded harder and harder.

They came together, screaming in joy, agony, and rapture. Fluid coming from everywhere. From eyes, cocks, and skin. Of tears, cum, and sweat. Until they couldn’t breath.

Harry fell against Ron. After the emotion of sex, came love. He curled himself against Ron, crying with relief, knowing Ron gave him such passion every day of his life.

Ron wrapped his arms around Harry, cradling him, touching his hair, knowing Harry gave him such happiness every day of his life.