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Call for Submission: Decalphabet Challenge [Nov. 28th, 2006|07:44 pm]


This is mukashi2's first challenge, open to everyone for both original and fan works.

1. Claiming is open until December 15, 2006.
2. Submissions should be posted to mukashi2 between 1 to 31 January 2007.
3. Winner(s) will be chosen through voting in February and will receive banners.

Writer's challenge: write ten interconnected drabbles series OR one story revolving around ten words
Artist's challenge: draw ten interconnected "drawbles" series OR one picture revolving around ten words

You also have the option of writing and drawing. For example: [One picture + one drabble] OR [One story + one drawble] OR [Five drabbles + five drawbles]

Use your judgment on what a "drabble" and "drawble" is. The minimum total word count is 500 words.

Examples: (You may decide to go on a different direction, which is fine)
For an interconnected drabbles series, see "D is for Draco," which uses the following words: Draco constellation, drapes, dress robes, dropping things, drunk, dregs, Draught of Peace, drag of cigarette, drip, and dragonfly.

For a drawble, see "Draco and Artemis". Basically, something that you produce in a matter of minutes.

HOW to participate:
1. Comment to this post, and you will be assigned an alphabet by December 15, 2006.

2. Inform lilian_cho what category you would be writing (fairy tale, folklore, fable, myth and/or legend), which challenge you are answering (writer's and/or artist's), and whether your work is original or a fanwork. Read the community rules if you are unsure what is appropriate.

3. With the exception of Q, X and Z, you must come up with ten words beginning with the alphabet assigned to you. Your submission must revolve around those ten words.
For Q, you must come up with five words beginning with Q and five words beginning with one vowel of your choice.
For X, you must come up with one word beginning with X and nine words beginning with one vowel of your choice.
For Z, you must come up with three words beginning with Z and seven words beginning with one vowel of your choice.

4. Post your submission in mukashi2 starting January 1, 2007.

5. Starting February 1, you may post your submission elsewhere, citing in your author's notes that the work was an answer to mukashi2's Decalphabet Challenge.

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I'd also like to invite all of you to post links to your fairy tale fics at mukashi2.
The rating may go up to NC-17, but please don't post PWPs. Thank you! :-D