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Marauder Rhombus, a Rock Band AU. - Beyond HP: Where Fantasy and Reality Collide [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Marauder Rhombus, a Rock Band AU. [Mar. 28th, 2004|11:19 pm]


[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

YAY for this community!! it took me a few months of actually writing an AU to really understand the appeal of them, but now i'm utterly in love with the concept and all the possibilities, so it's great to have a kind of central place for them.

ANYWAY. i've sort of delegated myself to pimp out the Marauder Rhombus universe, which is written mostly by myself, cereal and sennuyer, although some awesome people from our friendslist have written things, too.

the premise is that James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter are a nascent rock band, in a totally nonmagical world. there's lots of drinking and cursing and crappy hotel rooms, and James/Sirius, Sirius/Remus, and James/Lily stuff (mostly undertones, at this point) throughout. the link given below is to the sort of General Index Page of all the fic in the universe (which is by no means completed).

Title: Marauder Rhombus
Author[s]: sennuyer, cereal, belovedsnail, and others!
Disclaimer: we don't own the characters, we just mix them drinks and write them songs.
Rating: various. mostly in the realm of PG-13, i think.
Warnings: a big climactic fistfight scene and bad language all over the place. there's a lot more talking about sex than there is actual sex. also, beware of verbose author's notes [mostly from me].