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Battle of the Hair - Beyond HP: Where Fantasy and Reality Collide [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Battle of the Hair [Apr. 7th, 2004|11:50 pm]


I love writing our HP characters in the Alternative Universe and I’m glad to have a place to read more. Hope you enjoy my contribution. Lena

This is a short story I did while listening to some music and remembering some of the things I did in the ‘80’s. :)

Title - Battle of the Hair
Pairing - Ron/Harry
Rating - NC17
Summary - It's the early '80's and there are concerts to go to and hair to spray.
Warning - It seems Harry is under the influence of something.
Disclaimers - I don't own Harry or Ron or anything in the HP world. JKR does (and Warner Bros, et al).

Website: www.geocities.com/simpleadorationtwo/
Feedback - firenight3@yahoo.com
Acknowledgements - Bethany. She betas and listens to me. I'm so glad.
Author's Note - The songs are "Open Arms" by Journey and "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" by The Ramones.

Ron walked into the loo and saw the bottle of green dye sitting on the counter. He immediately picked it up and hid it under the sink. He heard Harry walk down the hall towards him. He picked up his brush and tried to nonchalantly look into the mirror. Harry appeared at the doorway.

“What time do you want to leave?”

Ron contemplated for a moment before speaking. “Maybe seven? That seems early though, doesn’t it?” He could feel Harry’s eyes move from him to the counter.

“Where’s my hair dye?”

Ron busied himself with his hair. “Dunno.”

“You hid it!” Harry made a dash for Ron’s huge can of Aqua-Net, which had been the largest ultra-hold can in the store. Ron dropped his brush and tried to grab his hair spray, but Harry was too quick.

Harry stood in the doorway, popped the top of the can and aimed for the hallway, threatening to spray the contents into thin air.

Ron pushed him, trying to reach for the can, until he finally reached back to the sink and pulled the bottle from under it. He shoved it in Harry’s face.

“Fine! Here! Give me back my hair spray! But you never clean up after yourself! There’s gonna be green over everything in here. I HATE IT!” bellowed Ron.

Harry just smirked and they exchanged their favorite hair care products.

Ron scowled at him, but said, “Nice outfit.”

Harry had on a very tight pair of jeans, black clunky boots, a vertical striped shirt and a black leather jacket. He had various pins on his jacket. Other than the huge safety pin, Ron could never really figure out what they were. One vaguely looked like a skull and crossbones, but Ron wasn’t sure he wanted to ask.

Ron thought about how two best friends who ended up as lovers, could have such different musical tastes. Harry loved punk and the culture surrounding it. Ron, on the other hand, as he picked up his brush again, liked the popular rock. Bubble gum crap is what Harry called it.

Ron looked down at his own clothes. He, too, was wearing jeans, but they weren’t so tight. He was wearing a Journey t-shirt, the one with the infinity sign going around the world and some sort of bug with wings. Harry didn’t get it. He said it just proved that Journey and Ron’s other crappy music wasn’t *real* music. Ron didn’t care. When they would get into arguments about music, Ron would just counter that at least his music didn’t make you want to bash your head into the wall to get rid of the headache.

Ron looked down at his feet. He had on Converse. One purple, one blue. Harry didn’t get that either. Harry would make fun of Ron by asking about the other pair just like it in the closet.

Ron looked back up. He was running out of time and he still had to do his hair. He glanced at his watch and panicked, realizing he only had about an hour. He drove Harry crazy with how long it took him to get his hair perfect. Then when he was done and Harry would try to touch it, Ron would get angry. He spent a lot of time getting the bangs to stand up two inches and the sides to feather back just right.

Harry would tell him that he wouldn’t let him touch it because Ron was afraid that with all the hairspray, the bangs would just snap off. Well, no, Ron thought, but he would run away from Harry when he would light a match or have a cigarette. The Aqua-Net was pretty potent, after all.

Harry would do nothing to his hair, letting it lie there in his eyes, shoulder-length. Ron would roll his eyes when Harry would ask if Ron thought he looked like Johnny Ramone. Yeah, right, sure, Harry. You look like his twin.

Ron knew Harry was only coloring his hair tonight because they were going to a Journey concert and Harry wanted to embarrass him. He never would do that when they would go to the concerts he liked. Ron would get back at him though, by having his bangs do some sort of odd flip or making them stand three inches high.

“When are you going to get out of here so I can dye my hair?”


“Ron, I‘ll do it in the kitchen sink!”

“I’ll be done in a while.”

Harry sighed loudly and stomped off.


Ron left the loo a half an hour later with very tall bangs and smelling of Aqua-Net. Harry grunted in disgust when he passed Ron.

Harry pulled off his jacket and shirt and turned on the water in the basin. He wrapped a towel around his shoulders and stuck his head in the sink. He reached for the bottle of green dye and began streaking it over his hair. The excess dripped into the sink and he occasionally would take a bit of towel and wipe his forehead so the dye wouldn’t get into his eyes. When he felt he had sufficiently turned his hair green, he wrapped his head in the towel.

Ron came to the doorway. He scowled. “Great, another ruined towel.”

Harry ignored him and started to pat his head to dry his hair. He took off the towel and turned to the mirror. Harry grinned gleefully. It was truly heinous. He could hear Ron gulp. He finished drying his hair and looked at Ron.

Ron moved to look in the mirror as well. He looked a little pained. “It’s just awful, Harry.”

Harry reached over and kissed him, wanting to make sure Ron knew that this was all about having fun. Ron pulled him close. Ron whispered, “Will you at least sing 'Open Arms' with me tonight?”

Harry snuggled up against Ron and whispered back, “If you sing 'I Wanna be Your Boyfriend' when we get home tonight.”

“Oh, yes. You know I always do!”


Ron was still singing when they got home.

"Lying beside you...here in the dark..." He hummed the rest to himself. He sat on the couch, admiring his new Journey concert t-shirt.

Harry walked passed him, heading for the kitchen, where he needed to relieve his incredible hunger. Ron could hear him rummaging through the cupboard. Harry came out to the living room carrying a box of chocolate doughnuts and a bag of potato chips.

Ron snorted with laughter, as Harry sat next to him and shoved a doughnut in his mouth.

"Want one?" mumbled Harry.

Ron closed his eyes and leaned his head back, humming to himself again, ignoring Harry.

"Don't wanna share, anyway..."

Harry placed the box of doughnuts on the table in front of him and opened the bag of chips. He put the bag between his legs, grabbed a handful of chips and crammed them in his mouth. He leaned forward and took a doughnut in his hand.

Ron, still humming to himself, opened his eyes and leaned over Harry. He kissed him on the cheek and raised his leg, trying to curl it over Harry's. He crushed the bag of chips.


Ron pulled his leg back slightly. "What's more important, me or food?"

Harry looked at the doughnut in his hand as he crunched the chips in his mouth and just couldn't make up his mind.

Ron got up and walked over to the stereo. He flipped through the vinyl records until he found the one he wanted. He put it on and stood next to the stereo waiting for Harry's reaction.

The riff started and Harry knew the song immediately. He looked up with wide eyes. Spluttering through potato chips, Harry gasped, "Sing to me, Ron."

Ron started swaying to the music, staring at Harry. "Hey, little girl...I wanna be your boyfriend...Sweet little girl...I wanna be your boyfriend...Do you love me best?"

"You know it's 'babe'," corrected Harry.

Ron stopped swaying. "You tell me that all the time and I tell you I like it this way. Now I have to start over!" He turned to the stereo and started the song over.

"Hey, little girl...I wanna be your boyfriend...Sweet little girl...I wanna be your boyfriend...Do you love me best?...what do you say?...do you love me best?...What can I say?...because I wanna be your boyfriend..."

Ron walked back over the couch, continuing to sing. When he reached Harry, he took the bag of chips from him and placed them next to the doughnuts on the table. Harry was still gripping the doughnut in his hand and instinctively pulled it away from Ron.

Ron straddled him, pinning Harry's body between his legs. Ron leaned forward. "I'm not gonna take your doughnut."

Ron kissed him under his ear. "Thanks for singing with me tonight."

"Uh, huh." Harry was a little incoherent, with all his senses being used at the same time.

Ron continued kissing him down his cheek towards his mouth. When he reached Harry's mouth, he tasted salt and chocolate. He ran his tongue over Harry's lips, licking the salt from them.

Ron pressed his hips into Harry and pulled his face away, leaning Harry's head into his chest. He wrapped his arms around his neck, pulling at the green hair.

Harry moaned, though his hand was still in the air, clutching his doughnut harder.

"Let me have a bite."


"Then eat it."

Harry crammed it in his mouth. Ron moved his hips up and pulled at Harry's jean buttons. Harry moved up a little so Ron could undo the buttons. Ron could see the bulge in Harry's jeans, even more prominent than usual. Harry's jeans were so tight, Ron had difficulty unbuttoning them.

Ron turned with Harry, shoving him on his back, still straddling him. He pulled at Harry's jeans, trying to peel them off. This was near impossible.

"Harry, lift your arse. These jeans are too fucking tight."

"Sing to me some more."

"Lift your arse and I will."

Harry lifted his arse up and Ron peeled his jeans down to his knees. Harry never ever wore anything under his jeans, ever. Ron could see how hard he was and brushed his hand over his own groin, feeling the heat and hardness. Ron quickly pulled his jeans down, taking his briefs with them, removing them one leg at a time and tossing them away. Since his jeans had a bit of a flare at the hem, he could easily get them over his Converse.

Harry thought it was odd that Ron always like to leave his Converse on when he had sex, but if that turned him on...

Ron resumed his position of straddling and pressed himself against Harry, so their cocks touched. Ron jerked at the contact. He relaxed and started singing again.

"Sweet little girl...I wanna be your boyfriend...Do you love me best?"

"It's 'babe'..."

"Would you shut up?" Ron shoved his mouth against Harry's and kissed him hard and deep, to make him shut up. He figured if Harry's mouth was busy, he couldn't say anything.

Ron moved his hands over Harry's green hair, and trailed his lips down to his neck. He moved his long hair out of the way and began kissing and sucking on the pale skin.

Harry slowly began to turn over. Ron lifted up a little to let him. Harry's jeans were still at his knees, but neither felt it necessary to move them. They would be able to easily accomplish what they wanted without removing any more clothing.

As Harry turned, Ron continued kissing his neck until he was at his nape and began sucking down his shoulders and back, pulling the t-shirt out of the way. Ron ran his hand over Harry's back, feeling skin and shirt. He moved his hands under Harry and lifted him onto his hands and knees, as Ron moved back a little, but kept his cock pressed against Harry's crack.

Ron leaned over Harry again, to sing in his ear, raspy from eagerness.

"Sweet little girl...I wanna be your boyfriend...Do you love me best?"

Ron rubbed against Harry excitedly, knowing he should wait until Harry was ready, but having trouble.

Harry didn't care that he wasn't particularly ready, and he knew what he needed to do to get Ron going. Harry reached back and grabbed Ron's bangs.

"Harry!" Ron tried to pull Harry's hand out of his hair, but Ron had to tug, as Harry's fingers were intertwined with sticky strands. "Damn it!"

Harry's hand finally pulled away and Ron's bangs were partially hanging in his face.

Harry smirked to himself and began singing.

"So I come to you...with open arms...nothing to hide...believe what I say..."

Ron shivered a little and forgot about his bangs. He reached down, grabbed his cock and entered Harry. He eased in, pressing passed the ring of muscle.

Harry continued, "So...here I am...with open arms..."

Ron pressed further, until he was completely inside. He began rocking back and forth.

"Hoping you'll see...what your love means to me...open arms..."

Ron moved faster and knew he was going to come very quickly. He moved his hand around to Harry's cock and began stroking it in rhythm to his own thrusts.

Ron threw his head back and closed his eyes, thrusting his hips into Harry. He could hear Harry still singing softly, but he couldn't make out the words anymore.

"God, I wanna be your boyfriend! Can I? Can I be your boyfriend?" cried Ron, as he climaxed.

"Yes, yes. Yes!" yelled Harry, as he too, exploded, though not as powerfully as Ron.

Ron collapsed onto Harry, as they both lay flat on the couch, panting and exhausted.

Harry turned his head towards the coffee table.

"Want another doughnut."

Ron turned his head and reached back. He grabbed the box and placed it on the floor next to Harry. Harry picked up a doughnut, smacked his lips in anticipation and stuffed it in his mouth.


"Is that for me or the doughnut?"

Harry swallowed and said, "Both."

From: twisted_chibi
2004-04-08 10:44 am (UTC)

*falls dead from laughing*

*falls onto the floor laughing ass off* OMG! that was great! *giggles* that was so adorable and sweet and kawaii! i've added it to my memories and do you have a site? *grins* this was so cute- keep on writting!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: lena3
2004-04-08 09:57 pm (UTC)

Re: *falls dead from laughing*

Thanks so much! I enjoyed writing it. Yes, I have a site with my friend and beta Bethany. It's listed near the top. http://www.geocities.com/simpleadorationtwo/
I have other AU on there, that I will probably post here at some point. Try "The D-files". Ron is a good little wife, but then meets an incredibly good-looking plumber. Glad you enjoyed, Lena.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: twisted_chibi
2004-04-09 03:17 pm (UTC)

Re: *falls dead from laughing*

o.o;;; Ron is a wife?! omg! i need to read that one! lol! be right over... heh...
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