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This is a community designed for all Harry Potter writers/artists interested in 'the true AU'.

To use an example from amanuensis1 (used with permission!):

'By AU, I don't mean so much minor AU such as "what if Harry and Draco had been best friends?" so much as "what if the Potterverse was taking place in feudal Japan?" type of AU. The real transplant-the-story-elsewhere AU's.'

Here you can post AU fics and art and discuss any points of research or ideas you may have for such work.

There will also be challenges issued for certain situations, time periods, etc that we want written, so feel free to suggest any you'd like to see!

If you share this desire to take our beloved characters away from Hogwarts and into the Real World, then join us... ^_^


1) No Direct Canon. This community is for the posting of AU fanfiction and fanart. This means no Hogwarts, no Wizarding World (at least, not of the type Rowling intended), and no Voldemort in that particular incarnation. ^_^ However, you will obviously have to use the same characters, etc. ^_^

2) Harry Potter Only. As the name suggests, this is a Harry Potter community. As much as you may love other fandoms (my weakness for BtVS AUs knows no bounds), this is just for HP!

3) Fic and Art Headers. They must contain the following information:


If the fic is over 100 words or rated R or NC-17, it MUST be placed behind a cut. The same applies to explicit images.

4) Ages. There will be a post created for you to reply to with a disclaimer to say you are of age to read any explicit fiction or that you are underage and will avoid it where possible. It is vital that you post there on joining or we may be forced to give you a warning or kick you out. (Sorry!)

...and I think that's pretty much it, actually!

Just to remind you again: DISCLAIM when you've joined!

That is all. Any problems, ask either asterie_smiles or scandalous_chib, your lovely mods. ^_^